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A law that requires materials and services funded using taxpayer dollars to be provided in English. Laws such as these have only been passed in areas where the vast majority of people speak English, and have for centuries.

Liberals view this as radical and racist because it supports the needs of one group over another. Liberals, as always, are free to fund it by themselves if they feel so strongly about it. But then that goes against the central tenet of these left-leaners: "We just come up with the moral compass, we shouldn't have to pay for it."
Juanita has been living illegally in Texas for 10 years and wants to send her kids to public schools. Unfortunately, they're English only and she doesn't want to learn English or teach them English at home, so she and her friends demand the schools hire translators to teach their kids in Spanish. This, of course, neglects the Chinese, etc. Soon, our country will be a place where everyone can learn but noone can understand each other.
by FigurinOutLife December 08, 2006
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