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Noun: A person of absolutely no value or worth. To perform no function, and meet zero expectation.
What are you doing today Jeff?

I am hungover and being a total shitbum.
by TheTightEnd September 04, 2009
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lowlife, pond scum, dead-beat. Usually a unkempt male possessing many undesirable traits.
Don't trust him, that shitbum sold his father's funeral urn to buy a carton of cigarettes!
by Ted Casey January 27, 2005
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a person who lacks the very basic skills of hygiene and posesses a propensity towards laziness and sloth. They tend to have an untidy appearance and have trouble maintaining gainful employment.
Myra had no other option than to divorce Chuck, because he was such a shitbum.
by dennis November 19, 2002
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Origin: San Francisco Sixth and Mission streets.

A dirty bum, usu. with pumpkin butter in his/her pocket and requests ambulance transport for unnecessary reasons.
I had to work last night...I was up all night slinging shitbums.
by The Shitbum February 22, 2005
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One who has the grooming standards and social graces of a shit-stained vagrant walking aimlessly around city streets oblivious to the world around them.
That guy Puck from the Real World -- what a frikin shit bum!
by Bad Billy August 28, 2003
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REMEMBER!! The shitbum will never steer you wrong. The Shitbum will be your buddy untill the very end. He'll never waver, forever he'll stand tall, and like they say in Arkansas "thats it for now "Y'all
by Dick Ryan March 10, 2007
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