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A potentially career ending project assigned to you. This project is usually highly visible and nearly impossible. The assignment generally comes with little or no direction and an unrealistic deadline.
Wow, this insert your system name deployment project has turned into a real shit bomb.
by Project Manager December 21, 2005
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To enter a building or room, take a large dump in their bathroom, and then leave immediately, leaving nothing behind but the smell.
"I really had to go to the bathroom, so I shit bombed the Starbucks on 13th"
"Dude, you just ran in, took a shit, and left?"
by electromagneticredhead May 18, 2009
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the most fucked up, worthless, god forsaken, in human, piece of shit u will ever find... a.k.a the guy/ gurl who will never get layed ina million years
Damn, that chick is a real shitbomb
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
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when someone leaves an explosive, diarrhea shit in the toliet bowl (usually in a public restroom)which then leads to the entire bathroom reeking making everyone sick and no one dares to flush it because it THAT fowl
I walked into the Exxon bathroom and DAMN someone left a mighty shit bomb in there
by theshitbomber February 27, 2010
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The act of rushing to the toilet unsure of it being a false alarm (fart) or actual shit. Once on the toilet the anus lets out a small fart crescendoing into a massive vibration and finishing with shit coming out in the end.
Guy 1: "Be right back man, i don't know if this is a fart or shit"
Guy2: "Ok"
10 minutes later
Guy1:"Yup it was a shit bomb"
Guy2:"Holy shit i thought it was an earthquake"
by Big shitter November 08, 2007
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A dirty diaper, filled with baby poop which is dropped into a public trash can or left in a public place. It may remain there for a long period before being removed.
Oh, God! That woman left a shit bomb in the women's room and you can hardly breath in there.
by 865ece January 29, 2008
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A huge shit or dump. The biggest shit in your life.
A: i took a shitbomb last night!
B: Oh dude how big was it?
A: Effing huge an andaconda!
B: Thats definately a shitbomb
by Beastly beast jf March 15, 2009
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