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To be insanely drunk. Drunk to the point where you don't remember a god damn thing the next morning. So drunk you wake up the next morning with bruises, cuts, puke, piss, and pizza sauce on yourself and have no clue where they came from.

So destroyed you wake up the next morning and say "I really need to re-evaluate my life"
Man, Joe got so shit bombed last night, he puked on the taxi driver and passed out in the neighbors bushes.
by jdgreger September 29, 2005
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The most drunk you can possibly get withour dying. Being shitbombed surpasses being wasted, trashed, honked, housed, crunk, etc. At this level of inebriation, many things can happen, including but not limited to the following: leaving your credit card at the bar, making out with bartenders, making out with the homeless guy outside the bar, breaking furniture, taking your shirt off at the pizza place where you are buying an entire pizza to eat alone, waking up in only stilettos on the living room floor, finding an empty tub of guacamole with a spoon in it the next morning, etc.
She got so shitbombed last night that she woke up still drunk in only a tennis skirt in a puddle of her own pee with a Skippy jar full of jungle juice next to her bed and then puked nine times throughout the day at work.
by FabsDC December 24, 2004
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