When something is so ridiculously hard, it's stupid.
Guy: Man this level is so shit hard! The enemies keeps coming out of nowhere giving no breathing room and they swarm from behind as well. No safe zone, no health regen, and I keep running out of ammo!
by Real World March 22, 2016
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Sometimes the only thing you can say to a friend who is getting their ass handed to them by life.
"Hey, how you doing?"
"Not great. I've had three colds this month, I'm broke, I'm not getting laid, I've gained thirty pounds, and the whole world is falling apart."
"Yeah... shit's hard, man."
by Little Walnut October 3, 2017
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When something doesn't go as planned, humiliating happens, or you fail at something.
"Did you hit that broad last night?"

"Nah man, after third base she told me she stopped with one night stands"

"Shit is hard"

"I know"
by blundboy October 3, 2011
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Something that is uniquely cool and badass. You can't really describe it or want to say something that makes you look like you're jockin' so you just say "hard shit."

It's like when you step into some soft dogshit. It sucks and stays on your shoes and you look stupid. If you step on some hard shit you luck out and it is good fortune because even though you stepped on shit you are smooth enough to not get any on your shoe and as if nothing can touch you.

"Damn, that fool has a sweet rig."
"Yeah, that's some hard shit right there."
by louie lovin December 6, 2007
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alcohol that isn't beer, like vodka, rum, liquor, etc
hard shit is awesome, and it doesnt make you feel really full like beer does
by charbar August 6, 2004
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Slower than shit.

A seemingly never ending period of extreme discomfort or boredom.

As opposed to a period of time that is simply extensive, "slow as a hard shit," embodies those agonizingly long stays on the loo, white knuckled on the handicapped bar, when you walk away bow legged and with broken blood vessels in the eyes.
Citizen 2: Hey Cit-1, you see that movie online last night?

Citizen 1: Nah man... my connection was slow as a hard shit. The movie would only load a few percent at a time... I know all too well how long those endeavors take!

Stoner 3: Dude maan.... holy shit.. 2, you see 1 takin' this bong rip man?

Stoner 2: He's slow as a hard shit, but damn mann... this shit is historical.

Stoner 1: ::smiles lazily and slumps back in his chair, with his rumbling stomach being the only sign of life::
by GuermoT December 26, 2009
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When you want to say "giving you a hard time" or "giving you shit" but you accidentally combine the two sayings
That dress does make you look fat, I'm just giving you hard shit
by leaf337 April 29, 2015
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