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When something is so ridiculously hard, it's stupid.
Guy: Man this level is so shit hard! The enemies keeps coming out of nowhere giving no breathing room and they swarm from behind as well. No safe zone, no health regen, and I keep running out of ammo!
by Real World March 22, 2016

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Sitting back, relaxing without a care in the world...even disregarding what situation you're currently in (Even if its serious). A way of being careless while relaxing
Teen: Yo, whats up
Teen 2: Just kicking the shit
Teen: Even when we have finals tomorrow!?
by Real World June 02, 2014

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So stupid...it matches the intelligence level of dirt (Incredibly stupid)
Guy: Did you hear about that girl who got her account deleted? She lost everything!
Guy 2: Yea. She shared with with a person she didn't even know...man that was just dirt stupid!
by Real World April 06, 2015

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Guy: He's got a knife!
Guy2: Oh, you just got sticked
by Real World February 09, 2015

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An old person
Look at the group of old raisins playing bingo
by Real World October 27, 2016

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A phone that's so lame, not even average class citizens use these types of phones.
Guy: Check out my phone! I just got it.
Guy 2: What can it do?
Guy: Well...I can only make calls.
Guy 2: No texts, no internet, no music, no etc?
Guy: Only calls.
Guy 2: Man, you got a doo doo phone! Nobody has those anymore.
by Real World May 10, 2016

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