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1.An arse licker, loves the taste of shit.
2.Will eat shit for the lowest of reasons.
3.Delta Goodrem
Delta sure is a shit lick
by Sucker1Punch December 26, 2009
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someone who likes to girls booty holes
Man nigga that bitch is a shit lick, i couldnt get her off of my asshole
by Peter Dragon December 03, 2007
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When one goes to fart with such force & your shit paints your pants a bit leaving a skid mark or a shitlick
I farted that hard that my turd licked my pants leaving a signature

Fuck I better go to the toilet because I think my fart made a shitlick in my pants
by The Shadow People November 24, 2013
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A type of exercise. In the instance where one person is ordered to do 30 'shitlicks', he must then drop on his/her back and crunch into his/her abdominal region as if performing self-fellatio on their 'asshole'. The unwavering rule of the shitlick is not take any regular breaths and presumably take on no tangible form.

The idea came from Nova Scotia in the late 1800's when New Zealanders took to the seas and had to thwart off the the local fisherman to monopolize the agricultural industry, thus winning the Cold War.
me: yo
friend: i just got done working out lol
me: OH WOW
you work out or something
lets go idiot
right now
give me 30
by Lussypips July 17, 2018
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