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1. the magical power of shooting lightning bolts out of the nipples
2. a girl who shows off a lot to impress males in order to have sex with them
wow look at thunder tits over there she's bareing it all just for that douche
by killmeihavenolife21 May 06, 2010

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the act of shoving your cock up a girls pussy, then taking a dildo and shoving it up her butt so that your penis and the dildo touch
wow i was inner dildo sword fighting last night and she screamed so loud that the neighbors came down stairs and grabbed my giant dick and used it as a lasso to get the kid out of the well, then i went back to having hard sex with her while she screamed out the names of the characters on seasame street. then big bird came in there and lets just say i found out why they called him big bird. when big bird left i had an orgy with chuck norris and cocktimus prime..... too bad i have to suffer the pain now
by killmeihavenolife21 March 02, 2010

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an author who tries to imagine that he didnt have sex with big bird. Trust me he did in fact find out why they call him big bird. Then he has huge orgies with chuck norris, daniel tosh, the band oasis, ron jeremy and an alien with a dick bigger than any dick you have ever seen (STOP LOOKIN AT DICKS YOU HOMO) then he gets gay with jesus. KILLMEIHAVENOLIFE IS A SPERM DUMPSTER
killmeihavenolife likes to go docking
by killmeihavenolife21 March 15, 2010

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fuck people who say fml and not fuck my life they actually say the letters fml
fpwsfml, say that bitch
by killmeihavenolife21 March 15, 2010

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the act of taking a peice of shit shirt from aeropostale, then shitting in it while your gay blind friend masturbates onto your face and shoving a banana phone up your ass, then when he has fully jizzed on your face you take the aeropostale shirt (now it looks sumwhat like a shit hammock) and throw it up in the air while you open your mouth like your trying to catch snow flakes on your tongue, then you both make out and play limp biscuit,then you take that stupid douchebag aeropostale shirt and wrap it around both of your heads to make a romantic and smelly bond on your head
guy 1-wow i heard you and tom had an aeropostale shit lick party
guy 2- yep that was the best night of my life!
by killmeihavenolife21 February 25, 2010

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a show featuring daniel tosh in which he acts like a total douchebag in order to get other males to go docking with him. He usually wears a jizz stained causual jacket or whatever the hell his fans tell him to where. After shows daniel tosh usually is invited to a jizz party to see whether or not he can get high enough to vision the cock in his face as a magical unicorn
tosh.o is an awesome show
by killmeihavenolife21 March 15, 2010

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