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Synonymous with perfection. Pure awesomeness. Beautiful, sweet, and just plain amazing. If you're lucky enough to meet a Shina, never let her go. You could never do better because there is no better!
Have you ever met a shina? If so, lucky you. Shinas consistently are that missing piece to make life perfect.
by MicroRacer17g November 22, 2011
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Shina is known as the one that got away. An intimidating presence despite small stature, Shina has eyes that are both piercing and expressive. Shina exudes intelligence, empathy and is an obvious natural beauty. A Shina will be secretive about her talents and only share them intimately. Shina is open minded and expressive mentally, artistically and sexually. Racially ambiguous, no one knows her background.

If you betray her, you will suffer the consequences as Shinas are strong women who have suffered trauma. They will confront you, ghost you and take revenge.
Did you see that girl onstage?

Girl? That is no girl. She's a Shina.
by traingraffiti August 14, 2019
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Very pretty, funny and gullible. She can be annoying at times but is always there for you. She can be the best person to go to if you wanna know beef. Boys fall for her most of the time. Shina can fall for a boy very easily tho. Very cute tho. Can make mistakes but has her friends back all the time.

cute, funny, dumbass, friends 4 life ;)
Shina omg she is so funny.
by LiveLifeToTheFullest ;) May 28, 2019
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A new way your teacher won't know you are saying shit
Teacher: you have to restart your work
Student: shina I said shina
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by Tilly419 January 28, 2020
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