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A word your friend will use to piss you off because you don’t know what it means but it really means nothing and you know it means nothing yet it still pisses you off
Sage- hss

Lucy- shut the fuck up imma block you

Sage- hss

Lucy- β€œblock”
by Gosbdjdndkneks November 20, 2018
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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Haircut, Shower, Shave. AKA the man's makeover.
Dude I just had an epic HSS today, I feel like a new man.
by starmin September 26, 2010
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Short form for Holy Santa Clause Shit
Guy #2: HSS
Guy #1: IKR MAN
by LuMpKiNzz July 31, 2009
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-from the HSS branding series
-standing for hott straight and single
-HSS branding series created by brittany, who is also the creator of fabtawesome
-found in conjunction with other terms from the series
HST- hott straight taken
HSB- hott straight on a break
HGS- hott gay single
HGT- hott gay taken
HGB- hott gay on a break
USS- ugly striaght single
UST- ugly striaght taken
USB- ugly striaght on a break
UGS- ugly gay single
UGT- ugly gay taken
UGB- ugly gay on a break
HBS- hott bi single
HBT- hott bi taken
HBB- hott bi on a break
UBS- ugly bi single
UBT- ugly bi taken
UBB- ugly bi on a break
"I hate being HSS, all the good guys are HST or HGS! *sigh*"
by brittany January 08, 2005
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