The 3 letters shi followed by the plus sign, shi+, is a way of
posting the word shit on a profanity filtered website.
That little shi+ is such a liar, I'd like to kick his @ss.
by goldandsilverowner May 18, 2011
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chunky shit and piss mixed together
ewww you left your shis in the toilet again damit
by Nate Dizogg February 15, 2006
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A gender-neutral possessive pronoun
When a customer is waiting for shis order, you shouldn't be back here eating it!
by Linguist6541 April 10, 2009
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An abbreviated form of devices such as 's/he' or 'she/he' with the similar usage in referring to a subject of both, either, or neither gender.

It is likely a combined form of the primarily nominative 'she' and 'he' with an element borrowed from 'his' or 'him' due to their unique usage of the letter 'i'.

'Shi' and related possessive 'hir' are seen most often in internet-presented stories involving (the usually pornographically inclined presence of) hermaphrodites or those capable of changing their sex with ease.
When shi told us who was on the phone, we knew it couldn't be good.

We took a walk, shi and I.

Shi who made us laugh nonstop with hir every joke.
by Trefoiler June 22, 2009
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The phrase you say after you dawn hardly on a thing,find a revelation,something bad happens to you,a fucking massive coincidence happens,about to get screwed,etc.
"Yesterday my hot teacher lunged at my face. She puckered her lips. Shi-"
"*girlfriend picks up gun and shoots me with it in a far diameter* Shi-"
by NonBad March 1, 2020
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Word meaning Asian bitch/prostitute who although is smart has the common sense of an autistic donkey. Shi Shi's are also made to be beaten senseless and should be whipped because he owes everyone money.
Look there's a Shi Shi!

Lets jump him
by Chancefatassboutin July 22, 2013
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A word meaning "Shit no!" that is often used as an interjection or exclaimation; the opposite of shi-yeah.
Pronounced: (shi-noe)
History: Was first dicovered by a M. Schoch and was later recorded.
Dude 1: Are you going to the Poodle festival?
Dude 2: Sha-no! Are you crazy? I hate dogs.
by Technochocolate May 26, 2005
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