the nasty river that flows through owosso and corunna. The Shiawassee river. GROSS!
Oh man i can't believe you ate a soggy apple jack out of THE SHI!
by sball_11grl February 21, 2005
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an ugly guy who steals stuff and can't spell for shit
shi shi ew..
by gangsta rappa October 28, 2003
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Bob: Your mom is gonna find out you're gay and she's gonna kick you out and kill you and put you in an orphanage and you'll die and then you're gonna be depressed and go to hell.
Mark: Bro, chill. Whole paragraph and shi
by axlotl jessie February 2, 2022
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A person who has obtained enlightenment by asking questions and looking inside themselves. Shi Shi Artists are able to see truth when it is spoken, they can see truth when it is an image, and they can sense truth when they are around it. Shi Shi Artists are at peace with themselves, the world around them and the entire universe. The cool thing about Shi Shi Artists is that they are so confident with their acceptance of reality that they do not feel the need to push their realizations onto others. Shi Shi Artists realize that nothing is real. Everything is impermenant except for one thing. You will know when you obtain this level of realization, and/or are in the presence of a being that has reached this level.
I use to be a sandwich artist, and now I am a Shi Shi Artist, would you like fries with that?
by The LEO April 25, 2008
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adjective used to describe a person who is overly bourgeouis and fancy for their own good.

she can't appreciate popeyes??? that shi shi foo foo ass bitch.
by chizzie August 7, 2007
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