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Derived from the mentally unstable Supreme Leader of
North Korea Kim Jong-il, going Kim Jong-ill means to
flip out and lose your mind.
"I know you are under pressure this week with final
exams, but please don't go Kim Jong-ill on me."
by goldandsilverowner June 17, 2010
Self-gifting is the act of purchasing something for yourself while Christmas shopping.
Self-gifting is on the rise. Estimates are that 15% of all purchases this year are for the Christmas shoppers themselves, which is up from 9% last year.
by goldandsilverowner November 28, 2010
An acronym for the trillion dollar coin that may be used by the US Treasury to circumvent the debt ceiling which would enable spending without limit.
Neil: Rob, I don't have the money to buy that watch--I can't afford it.

Rob: TDC, baby TDC. Put it on the credit card that will never be paid off.
by goldandsilverowner January 11, 2013
A yellow bracelet worn by those who falsely deny using drugs.
There are many athletes who deny using performance enhancing drugs that have switched their Livestrong bracelets for a Liestrong.
by goldandsilverowner January 16, 2013
Premature ejaculection occurs when a political candidate
rapidly loses support.
Gingrich gained ground in the polls this week as Cain and
Perry both experienced premature ejaculection.
by goldandsilverowner November 19, 2011
A unusually large discharge of excrement, typically
associated with the ingestion of an abundant amount
of dietary fiber.
Wini just ate a whole box of All-Bran cereal--you know a
branimal is coming soon.
by goldandsilverowner November 21, 2011
A place or event where everyone dresses to the hilt and makes a fashion statement.
Fashion cop 1:Everybody around here is dressed to the nines.

Fashion cop 2: That's why it's called glam central station.
by goldandsilverowner January 13, 2013