a girl from austrailia who seem pretty cool. she kinda likes texas accents and hates miley cyrus and justin bieber. she loves glee.she thinks dog are cooler then cats and likes apples with peanut butter :P
wow look a sheryl!
by cjk 123 June 2, 2010
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Someone who thinks she’s a genius and self proclaims herself as a genius and usually says “You never know” when losing an argument.
Girl: You never know!!!
Guy: What a Sheryl!
by GreatGeniusGeniusest February 7, 2019
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The act of leaving one square of toilet paper on the roll for the next person.
Thanks for pulling a Sheryl Crow on me. I had to wipe with the cardboard tube.
by dukeness January 20, 2012
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The process of micturating in a woman's vaginal cavity while copulating; peeing in some sluts puss.
Before Ashlyn even knew it, Bradford had sweetly given her a Sterile Sheryl.
by the d00d September 21, 2006
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A very talented multi-platinum rock singer-songwriter, known for many singles such as All I Wanna Do and The First Cut is the Deepest.
Sheryl Crow is one of the best musicians out there.
by wingkon December 7, 2009
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