Being a Sheryl: Adjective;
Being a Sheryl means to become or transform yourself into a gash-ting

Gash-Ting: Noun; ~(please see 'Being a Sheryl')
Example 1: Why is Trevor rubbing his nipples?
Don't worry he'll stop soon, he's just being a Sheryl

Example 2: Ah my ears hurt, whats that annoying noise?
Someone being a Sheryl i expect
by gingerbredman April 25, 2010
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To use a small amount of toilet paper when wiping.
Damn it! I took a crap without realizing I was almost out of toilet paper and I had to pull a Sheryl Crow! My ass stank all day!
by Trent Keyes April 29, 2007
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A hipster looking couple. Either with the appearance of, and/or committing to hipster like activities.
Dude don't look now, but there is a Hipster Sheen & hipster Sheryl to your 5 o' clock.
by Portland Observer October 21, 2013
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In Cricket when a bowler is having a rather poor over, being hit for six or four every ball, ie smacked out of the ground. This is often refered to as being 'Smacked about like Sheryl Gascoigne'.
(Also used in computer game cricket game Brian Lara)

This saying comes from ex-footballer & ex-"manager" plus recovering alcoholic & wife beater Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne, who used to hit Sheryl about a bit.
"Ah man three sixes & two fours off that over, you're being Smacked about like Sheryl Gascoigne!"
by Ian February 7, 2006
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Te most lovely stønning girl i know, she is the type to suck you off just so you can be happy. Her smile makes my heart jump, her beautiful eyebrows complent her sexy eyes, her lips are so pretty and give the best kisses. But not just that, her body is strong and truely a work of art.
«Oh sheryl, the girl Sebastian wants to marry
by mr. littlepants May 11, 2018
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A girl who is very badass and is a gold digger it also is a synonym of GOLD DIGGER
O-M-G! Melanie is such a Sheryl.
by October 12, 2020
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A person usually with dyed hair and still in their emo phase at age 40
You’re such a Sheryle, Becky. God.
by Neiwebie February 23, 2018
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