A chef who likes baking and loves her children.
'I love Sherie-Anne's food, it's spectacular.'

'Sherie-Anne is great with kids!'
by boblington987 May 28, 2022
1.(noun) A great warrior named Princess Badass
2.(adj.) A bad bitch who's honesty and sterness is often taken difficulty by others; has no filter; tends to give no fucks and bends for no one.

3.(adj.) The conductor, leader, confidont; independent by nature
4. (Noun.) Mother, sister, daughter, friend, Co worker, advisor, wife<ex>, a glorious fucking unicorn.

5.(adj.) Can be mean as fuck; don't approach without permission to avoid being throat punched; doesn't play well with others; loner; soldier; independent creature^<mythical**) mysterious; unsolvable
6. (pronoun.) Sheri Denielle Deraimo- Hertz
Sheri: is a female given name, from the French for beloved, and may refer to: Sheri Anderson, American TV writer.
Meaning: "beloved"
Related names: Chari, Chéri, Cheri, Cherie, Cherri, Cherrie, Shari, Sherie, Sherri, S...
by Princess 👸 badass November 21, 2022
The type of person that makes you feel like you have been stuffed into a trash can full of cat litter…and the litter gets in your mouth…and you have to wash it down with frozen pudding shots
She did what? What a Sheri.
by TCC22 March 20, 2022
Farlane's Older sister, Also looks like a Melvin and play's war thunder
by Farlane April 19, 2022