Somebody who is very sexual. Sometimes too flirty. See Slut
"Eww look at the girl she is a sheri!"
by Blubba! September 11, 2007
The embodiment of fun, love, and amazing friendship. Sheri never fails to cheer you up or make you giggle. Sheri is also known to make one horny.
Sheri you are so funny! *humps your leg*
by Knickers June 17, 2004
a really hot lass, appeared in
1)The house of 1000 corpses
2)Some Rob Zombie clips
3)The second part of the house of 1000 corpses in near future
Sheri Moon is a hot lass
by yaqoob October 5, 2004
a ginger like figure that takes on the shape of a overweight male.Lives in a state of psychotic struggle through its day to day life.Takes all of its problems out on people surrounding it at the time,and has multiple mood swings during the day.
by Oh-the-Karma January 7, 2012
Sheri Berry is someone amazing who everyone loves. She is pretty, beautiful, sexy, hot and more... She is smart, strong and funny.
You're looking great today! Are you a sheri berry?
by Sheri Berry February 8, 2018
The act of doing or saying something incredible stupid.
Person one: A little girl just lost her father.

Person two: Did she ever find him?

Person one: You just had a sheri-ism, are you retarded?
by Gabriel Fernandez January 24, 2008
A woman that has way too much sex with anything that moves.
That Dirty Sheri
by Ajnavarro91 October 8, 2019