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Model of a body. Personality of an independent women. Owns the game and never gets played. Puts a lot before herself. Looks after everyone she knows. The one who has a heart of gold. The one who wants to be treated like she treats everyone else. When relationships come into life she is the loyal one. She never disappoints and keeps that lucky person happy.

*secretly enjoys receiving head.
She is the perfect definition if a Shereen

-dude, I know
by Tianne' December 04, 2013
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The most kind hearted and sweetest person you would ever meet. Amazing in every way possible, she cares for everyone and thinks only of others.

Beautiful, funny and intelligent, Shereens are often the best of freinds and lovers.

Practical and perfect in every way.

Shereens are known to be compatible with Matthews
Hey, did you see that girl Shereen?

Yeah, shes so kind! and pretty!

by Mysteryion October 08, 2011
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who eva'z name is shereen must be the most beautiful person on earth!
oh my goodness you realli must be a shereen cuz ur gorgeous
by i thought u would ask that... January 02, 2005
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an female asian name deriving from the french root 'cherie'
shereen is in love with umar
by shereen ditta June 19, 2004
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A slang name for the female genitalia i.e. vagina

Derived from the Scottish Newsreader Shereen Nanjiani
Gonnae show us yer shereen?
by Tony McCaffery October 16, 2004
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An example of Scottish/Cockney rhyming slang, Shereen Nanjiani = Fanny.
Shereen Nanjiani has been the main presenter of 'Scotland Today' for nearly twenty years and is one the best known faces on Television in Scotland. The term is usually shortened to 'Shereen' and is normally used when insulting or sometimes greeting friends.
1: "how's it going Shereen?"
2: "You're such a Shereen!"
by Chris June 19, 2006
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