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Shema will give you a hug you when you're down and then a kiss to make all the bad things go away. I love you Shema!
Shema says kind words that are easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.
by Rana March 12, 2005
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Pronounced many different ways. Sheema, Shayma. But we call her Shemama:)

She's the sweetest, nicest, kind hearted person out there. She'll be there for you when you need her. She'll stop what ever she is doing just to help you out. She's the best!
Shema is a sweetheart.
by Katy March 13, 2005
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She's beautiful inside and out. She has big gorgeous brown eyes. She's our habibi. She's our Arabian Princess. She's plain out hott!
If you wanna truly fall in love, just take a look into Shema's eyes
by Mark March 12, 2005
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To jerk off; To get with someone; You say "Shema!" when your excited; You also say "Shemaaaa" when you have to do something but don't want to; Pretty much you can say it whenever you want, use it as a noun, adjective or verb

Originated by Sean Donnelly and Kurt Spinner after the liking of farm-boy Gary and Chrisssss`
"Did you shema last nite?"
"Did you shema around with her?"
"Shema! I just won the lottery!"
"Go take out the garbage....Shemaaaaaaa..."
"Well, Shema, let's go then."
by Shema January 01, 2006
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Jewish prayer; men pray to thank God that they weren't born women.

'I have to go Shema, Thank God I wasn't born a woman'
by Yeshua October 12, 2007
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