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Crime Style - Usually Irish/Italian Mafia
Can Be seen In action By Kevin daily
That Nigga Went All Donnelly Up In That Bitch
by Mike Alston June 10, 2007
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Family originated from the County Cork in Ireland. They are a large family located in Fitchburg MA. The Donnelly's own many business's and they are known as a great family.
Donnelly Construction, Donnelly's Tavern, Donnelly's
by Dubz C December 11, 2006
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A woman that is generally known for lying and taking advantage of men. The origin of this specific definition comes from an old wives' tale about a young woman who is persecuted and inevitably beaten for her promiscuous behavior in the early 16th century, after sleeping with a group of men and giving them an illness without any known cure at the time.
John: I don't get it man, Lauren dumped me the other day and I don't know what I did wrong.
Jim: She's fucking other guys man, she's just a donnelly. You'll find better.
by jmillermang July 11, 2013
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Last name associated with soccer obsessed douchebags. Usually are Yankee fans who don't even live in New York. They'll love any Carolina team regardless if they suck or not. You can spot them easilly because they'll have outdated Yankee gear on with a pool stick in their mouth.
Guy #1: Hey look at that guy over there. He has a Yankee hat on with a Carolina jersey.
Guy #2: Haha, He must be a Donnelly.
Guy #1: Why do you say that?
Guy #2: Because all Donnellys are douchebags.
by Obi Wan Vader March 06, 2007
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