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Someone with eyes so blue it is as if gravity no longer applies and you are swimming in the sky. Someone whose heart is so big you feel as if you are the most important person in the world. Someone whose kiss is so sweet it is as exciting as the a first and as tender as a last. Someone who smells so sensational you are instantly addicted to her fragrance. Someone whose embrace is so comfortable you immediately lose all awareness of your surroundings. Someone with a legs are so fine all you can think is what they would be like around you. Someone with a smile is so bright that pierces the darkest cloud warming you with its brilliant rays. Someone who is so beautiful in all she says and does that her memory never fades.
The mere thought of Shellie transformed the coldest concrete car garage into a bit of heaven.

To experience Shellie albeit for a short time is to experience something never forgotten.
by Banker Boy February 04, 2010
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The hottest chick in town. Gorgeous smile. Exotic Eyes. Attaches to a single partner for life and shows unmatched love, desire and affection for that one lucky person. Sexually unmatched, get a piece of this and you will fall under her spell for life. Maternal, loves her children incredibly so. Try to step between her and her children, or her mate, and you will suffer public scorn and the deepest physical wounds imaginable. A Shellie will never forget and will never forgive anyone outside her immediate family if you cross her or its perceived that you cross her or her loved ones. With a Shellie is is all or nothing. Love her and she will love you...provided you are the first to knock at her door and impress her with your good looks and charm.
That girl is sweet looking.

No kidding, she's definitely a Shellie.
by MrFreePress February 03, 2010
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The hottest wife/mother walking the face of the earth. The sun rises and set on her beautiful smile. Hotness personified.
Have you seen Shellie.... Uhmmm, yeah dude, that's my wife.
by AndyBlackman84 March 30, 2011
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the most amazing person in the world. she is beautiful and very intelligent as well as funny and has a good sense of humor.
I went out with Shellie the other day. She's absolutely incredible!


Wow, Shellie is by far the most dullest person I have ever known.
by shellflagell February 03, 2010
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a girl who does watever she wants to anything that has 2 legs she is a hoe whore cock sucker and a pussy licker butt eater
that girl over there is a shellie
by janii August 06, 2015
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A Caring and funny person. Won't Cheat on his girlfriend very protective, He is a shy person towards others. Shellie Is always daydreaming. He never gives up on anything. A Very lovable character. Tends to show two sides and changes mood alot.
Shellie is very cute
by KiiD XSeAS 👑 April 20, 2018
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