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A drunken state of being induced either by playing excessive amounts of beer pong, bullshit pyrimid, or by consuming a very high proof liquor using a "chug mug."
Shellaced is not only a state of being, but also a state of mind, in which one becomes completely obsessed with making it to the frats, the rugby house, or any other nightly house party in which there will be inevitably more drinking.
Origin: Our 7 foot long beer pong table had to be sealed with shellac to protect its superior paint-job. the word just stuck thereafter.
Person 1: Hey do you want to go to Danieley J103 for some beer pong on thier sweet-ass table? I bet we'll get amazingly shellaced!
Person 2: Nah I can't man, I was over there last Sunday and those girls got me completely shellaced before they had finished thier first game of bullshit pyrimid.

by Lisa-Ann-Denny September 20, 2005
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