Too smart, detailed, knowledgable and geeky. Derived from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the fictional character on The Big Bang Theory. Too annoying for words. Belongs on Jeporady.
Don't be a Sheldon, what a Sheldon
by Oldeguy December 20, 2009
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A small, adorbale little turtle that lives in a colorful house and loves cupcakes, but is also a turtle arsonist. No one will ever know how he sets fire. He has no hands.
Aww look at sheldon. Going off to burn down cities
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by emokittytrash:3 January 13, 2017
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Bitchy slut, however one of the bestfriends anyone could ask for. Even though he's are bi-polar he's always there for you. Smallest person with the hugest hearts
Sheldon is awesome.
by Miranda Ann March 09, 2009
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A guy who loves music, his family and friends his the one who makes you laugh,is crazy but in a good way. Also good to go for advice but only when he's serious about it. Is well known for something, and not afraid to just do it, will do something when others dont or wont (Dont Care) thats just Sheldon. And is a bitch when he has to be and he will violate any hoe and loves cursing bitches out
Hi my name is Sheldon
by Sheldon Joseph November 25, 2016
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the type of guy you find on a date with a girl your whole squad hit the week before. going out of his way to make himself more friendzone worthy then fuckable. the king of fuckbois
That girls boy is a total sheldon.
by AnonBanksy January 10, 2015
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