A Cheating Bitch, is usualy the term used to refer to a girlfriend, or wife, that cheats on their boyfriend or husband.
You F**king cheating bitch how could you do this to me.
by unknown March 21, 2003
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a female who pretends to the world that she is faithful and kind and constantly states words to the effect - I worship the ground you walk on.
In other words, she is fucking her ex boyfriend, married men or any other loser but you.
hey lawrence, your cheating bitch Robin was fucking the dog shitout of marshall while the wife was gone. she was getting fucked up her ass. your cheating bitch is one ass whore.
by smarty pants1130 March 15, 2006
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That cheating bitch stole the 2004 Washington governor's race.
by Kojiro January 4, 2005
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A Whore, Harlot, or worthless Slut posing as a good and faithful woman.
by Adrian December 9, 2003
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A fucking whore who you've been with for a little over four months and after taking her back more than six times she promises never to hurt you and always be faithful and committed to you from there on out..Then half-way into the fourth month you two are dating you two go to a pool party and her ex of four years is there, sudenly she becomes very ill that night and has to go home alone..Ending up you find out this fucking whore was riding her fatass ex boyfriend that is extremely less attractive then you in a church parking lot in the back of his shitty fucking piece of dog shit for a truck.
"Mutha fucking shit all over my face, I god damn knew she was a Cheating bitch ..Fuck my life!"

"I thought you were fucking sick you Cheating bitch?!"

"So you tell me all this bullshit, then you have sex with someone way less attractive then me, what the fuck you cheating bitch!?"
by SaltyDalty January 6, 2010
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National Cheat on your Bitch Day, also known as National Cheat on your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Hoe Day, is September 17. This is the day where you become a terrible person and cheat on your significant other, or your side-chick.
“Yoo! Its national cheat on your bitch day, go cheat on Melissa, she a whore anyway.”
by Eminem’s unpopular opinions September 13, 2022
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