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shazia is a doll always there for you through ups and downs and will stick up for you all the time. Shazia is Petite and strong and kind and she can handle more than most people. She is helpful but is also a badass. She has the best hugs?and is truly a angel in disguise . xoxo
Shazia means princess literally a helpful princess
by Foreverfriends:) June 04, 2020
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A girl who is Crazy AF!! but is still really sweet and she cares for her friends.Shes not afraid to through a punch and through them hands at any time. She's shy when u first meet her but get to know simone and shes the kindess Easiest to talk to and funniest girl you'll ever meet! Shes super pretty Looong bootiful legs an adorable smile that will light up a room prertty big eyes and long dark beautiful hair. Proud of where she comes from and is very protective.shes unforgettable
Shazia she’s one of a kind .....
by Salimh November 10, 2018
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Shazia’s gentle And delicate. A perfect baby name for a little princess.
Shazia is so gentle and small
by Beadsx May 21, 2020
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a girl who loves the world and everyone in it. she knows what she wants and where she's going. she loves adventures and trying new things. men love her because of her beautiful face and sweet charm. she is optimistic, loves life, and is always happy. she knows how to cheer you up when you are down.
by takemeawayfromhereee February 03, 2010
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1. a beautiful girl with a booty that rivals j.lo
2. someone who comes in every man’s wildest fantasy
3. see: sexy hot pimpette
1. lemme tap that shazia
2. damn i just had the best shazia ever
3. gimme some shazia
by lovah September 19, 2004
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Is the real deal shazia also has the best banter shes a savage
Shazia is so real
by Jhgfdsamnbvcxzpo February 19, 2021
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