A look that gets more fashionable every year.

Contrary to what insecure incels and neckbeards say on the internet, but it's a look that leaves the panties of a lot of women the polar opposite of dry. They really like it. However, having a decently shaped noggin and face are factors to pulling it off but it will still always look better than a combover no matter what.
My hair is slowly going, but I'm going for the shaved head look. My sex life is improving too!
by Soul_Driver November 15, 2019
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shaved head is fresh and clean cut. that's what a real man looks like. it looks cool and it feels good.
that guy has a fresh shaved head, damn he looks good
by joeyak74 January 15, 2010
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Coined by the great Gatherqueef, this phrase refers to an old video in which a wife shaving the pubic hair of her husband accidentally cut the head of his penis off.
"Shave your head," as in "cut off the head of your penis off with a vibrating razor or some other overly-sharp thing that it is nearly impossible to do."
by Gatherqueef January 13, 2009
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when someone has a bad haircut or when somebody says something dumb smh
bro I got a 0% on my test shave my head smh
by Stevenfuckedurmother February 21, 2023
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