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A hell-storm of swirling winds and killer sharks capable of leveling small towns and turning mediocre B-list celebrities into has-been D-listers.
"What happened to Jim?"
"Oh, he had his shit ruined by that goddamn sharknado. His bloody corpse is over there behind the flipped over taxi cab."
by Isaystomabel August 21, 2013
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A "sharknado" derives from a combination of both the words "shark" and "tornado". It is exactly that: a shark tornado.
Did you hear? Cory just witnessed a sharknado.
by lentemembrasser-moncher July 14, 2013
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Something that prevents a really good event from being successful
an alternative, really crap, event that people choose in preference to what you've organised.

(derived from the strange success of the 'b' movie Sharknado).
My party was hit by a sharknado as only a few people showed up.

I don't understand why no one is here, there must be a sharknado going on.
by hightime July 17, 2013
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(shark.nay.doe) noun.

1. A tornado that dooms large metropolitan areas with dumping thousands of ravenous sharks ready to eat people's appendages off. No one is safe from the sharknado's destructive path of multiple vortexes and the only hope for survival is Ian Ziering (from the original 90210) and a washed up Tara Reid, oh and a bad ass bikini barista who also seems to be an expert marksman.

2. When many events happen all at the same time, making someone's life or a situation overwhelming. This comes from the SyFy original movie "Sharknado" where a storm of multiple tornadoes hit LA full of ravenous sharks.
Example 1: If you are trapped in a school bus flooded with water and sharks waiting to make you Purina Shark Chow, just know a sharknado is on it's way. Don't worry, Tara Reid will save the day.

Example 2: Jan: Fuck dude, I've had a totally shitty day today. First my car broke down which made me late for my meeting and which made my boss rip me a new one and I got mud on my new Prada shoes.

Jack: Sounds like you had a sharknado of a day.
by Momo18 July 26, 2013
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Anything that is big, confusing and potentially dangerous that probably shouldn't exist but you still have to deal with anyway. See also, Sharknado, the movie
As Charlie Sheen's PR person you have to deal with one Sharknado after another.
by Jonny Blair July 13, 2013
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