A list or group of the ones that are not as not as desired, admired or well known as those on the A-list. Usually used when describing actors.
e.g. A B-list actor usually cannot afford to turn down as many roles as a mega star can.
by Maggie H January 4, 2005
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A derogatory term for a person/group of people who think they are 'all that', but are in fact not.
John's so fucking B-list!
Check out those B-list cunts.
by James Dean January 6, 2005
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To masturbate often out of frustration. A sex act know as self-abuse at one time mostly its just an impulse act when partner sex is unavailable.
when i found out Jake was working the graveyard shift i just scaled down to b-list sex. got off and took a shower..dang i dislike being b-listed again..
by DaynaS February 28, 2008
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An actor/actress who was popular for a brief period of time but stooped staring in major works.

They are essestially the opposite of an "A-list actor" which is somebody at the hight of their popularity in Hollywood
Person 1- Hey look it's Matthew Perry!
Person 2- Who the hell is he?
Person 1- He was the guy that played Chandler on "Friends"
Person 2- Oh right
Person 1- He's kind of a B-list actor now.
by Kcaz Realname June 11, 2008
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