A game that has one of the oddest plots of all time. It's a fighting game starring Shaq, in which on his way to a basketball game he gets pulled into the "second dimension" to save some old dude's son from an evil mummy known as Sett Ra. He fights various evil guys on the way, including a scary evil catwoman, an Arabian prince wielding 2 swords, and an evil voodoo lady. In story mode, you play as only Shaq, who has a fair arsenal of moves at his disposal to defeat Sett's evil minions. There is also a multiplayer mode, where you can play as Shaq as well as the various monsters he smashes.
Shaq Fu is a run-of-the-mill fighting game with an odd plot. Few have heard of it, and almost no one would if it didn't star Shaquille O' Neal.
by Party Pooper December 21, 2004
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Possibly the greatest game of all time. Many have tried to emulate the awesomeness of Shaq Fu, but have come up short every time. It is a fighting game, and as the name suggests, it stars Shaq, the center on the team of righteousness. His task is to go into another dimension, save some kid he doesn't even know, and beat the hell out of anyone who stands in his way. Awesome game. To get the full Shaqtastic experience when playing this game, I would suggest playing some of Shaq's rap songs at the same time, as well as having a Miami Heat, or old Lakers or Magic game on every other tv in the house.
Man 1: Do you Shaq Fu?
Man 2: Why, no, my good sir, I do not.
Man 1: I see, then away with you, you unworthy heathen!
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005
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A 90s fighting game for the SNES and Sega Genesis which people love to hate on, but isn't nearly as bad as you'd think from what you've hear about it. Sure it's not a great game, but it's actually playable - versus a bunch of other games that have been called the worst game ever, like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, Friday the 13th for NES, and ET: The Extraterrestrial for Atari.

The worst parts of this game are:

The story is retarded (ex. Shaq is about to play a basketball game to raise money for a charity, but walks into a dojo and gets taken to another dimension where he has to rescue some kid from this evil mummy dude - for no apparent reason).

The fighters walk way too slow, but they can jump insanely far - so the easiest way to win a match is to just jump all over the area and land aerial kicks on your opponent until he's dead. There's almost no reason to use ground attacks at all because you attack so slow, and opponent can just up out of the way in a split second. Gets boring really fast.

Shaq as a character in a Mortal Kombat-style fighter, in his basketball uniform. Really?

Overall this is a pretty mediocre game, but not nearly bad enough to justify all the hate for it - I guess this is just a game that is "cool to hate" on. I tried it out thinking it would be as bad as Big Rigs, and I was seriously let-down - not by the game, but by how the reviews made me think it would be a lot worse than it was.
Shaq Fu isn't great, but compared to Big Rigs, it's like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
by randomdude8492 March 14, 2011
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The art of the mixture of baskeball and they keys to all martial arts into 1 complicated combination. Mostly found in Shaq's agressive playing during basketball.
Shaq schooled Kobe with his Shaq Fu.
by K.I.N.G. March 13, 2009
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a sega genesis game, starring shaquille o'neal and best described as 'bruce-lee and the harlem globetrotters had a demon/zombie/robot baby-spawn that everyone hated and loved at the same time'
shaq fu was teh suck.
c'mon, admit it. you owned shaq-fu. or at least rented it.
by noop August 4, 2004
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A word the people of the online forum "Cheapassgamer" use to substitute for the word "Fuck"
Shaq Fu You, DLF
The Icon's Shaq Fuin Awesome
by Homelybiatch October 2, 2005
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