Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe

European head of NATO, and it's still the shittiest place to live. Nothing to do here. Ever. It completely sucks ass. do yourself a favor, and never, NEVER!, come to live here. You WILL regret it.
Its saturday night, yaay.
oh, wait, we're in SHAPE.
lets go sleep, monday comes soon anyway.
by Den Artema October 16, 2005
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A person who is generally overweight but the fat is porportioned oddly. Perhaps they look normal except for awkwardly fat arms or a double chin. It can also apply to someone who's fat seems to move around, or they gain and lose large amounts of weight on a regular basis.
The teacher of my english class is shapes and I can't stop starring at her. She looks normal except she has huge love handles.

Well I don't know. Bobby is nice and all but he's totally shapes.
by Hattey April 13, 2008
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1.n Positive term. something considered good, useful and/or interesting.
2.ad describing someone or something that is or has good, useful and/or interesting properties
3.v action of bringing shapes to a given situation
4.proper noun, name given to someone who has a reputation of pulling shapes
5.n gadget, gizmo
6.n drugs
7.n object of mystery or suprise
8.n refers to the part of space occupied by an object as determined by its external boundary
1.that is a proper shape!
2.my mate dave is well shapesy
3.i'm pulling shapes
4.alright shapes, how's it going?
5.this lazer is a right shape
6.bobby got busted and got all his shapes raped
7.do you wanna see my shapes?
8.that dodecahedron is such a shape
9.this definition of shape is well shapesy
by Firleigh rinse mincers December 16, 2008
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another way of saying cool or "it's fine"
John : "I'll pick you up around 10, is that okay?"
Jane : "yea, that's shape.."

Flloyd : "Yea don't worry about Jane, I shaped everything out with her this morning.."
by h4xx0r_m0nk3y September 19, 2004
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the name for a party or sesh that accomodates the use of party drugs including mandy or cocaine. the best way to spend any night, tripping balls and loving life.
can't wait to get shaped up tonight

shape on friday?
by imceryslookatme August 05, 2017
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to rub hands against a girls breasts or inside bra and down her sides and her legs
by AlleyAlleyJalley September 16, 2010
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