1. Of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of its kind.

2. Taunting mercilessly - sending the tauntee to the verge of tears.
1.The food at this slaughter house is shanu.

2. That guy is shanuing the shit out of his opponents.
by Sharan June 18, 2003
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Words cannot express this phenomenon, woman cannot get enough of this delicately crafted creature. Consisting of all the best attributes from all of human kind. Women simply just cannot get enough of him. Often in extremely high positions of power. Ruler of the universe and is often worshipped by many. Many holidays are named after this amazing person. Also known for never being wrong and never making mistakes. Shanu simply put is the greatest thing to happen to the planet.
your simply just a Shanu, your just too good to be true, am i dreaming?
by ldskjff October 21, 2009
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Shanu means a very powerful strong b***ch who is loyal to the world and means a lot to everyone
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Your the shanuest guy here
by Monkey June 20, 2003
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Function: Noun
Etymology: Portmanteau of shame and anus.

1. a: Judging the anus to be obscene b: the susceptibility to such feelings.

It came about as a result of the anus being photoshopped out of many images of female nudes across the internet, and the lasting psychological damage it caused on the women thus depicted.
The shanus Suicide Girls models must feel right now must be palpable; how awful to be buttholed by both their own website and the FBI.
by Alana Post September 30, 2005
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It is the condensed form of "Shotgun-Anus" where when two guys are planing on having sex with the same girl and while they are working out the logistics one calls "Shanus" thus securing their right to dibs on her anus.
Andrew: "Wow Kourtney is looking really hot tonight!"
Brian: "Yea man lets tap that"
Andrew: "SHANUS!!!"
Brian: "Darn, I wanted to do her in the butt first!"
Andrew: "Sorry man, maybe next time"
by Jane Doe Doe October 20, 2006
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Girl 1- this guy last night has no hair on his butt... like at all
Girl 2- yea. he's rockin' the shanus.
by sarahnau May 11, 2011
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