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She is beautiful but not "pretty". Self conscience without being insecure. Wherever she is, feels like home. Never makes you feel like you have to be "on". Prefers small crowds to large audiences. witty, reliable, honest.
Sara and I went club to club last night. It was awkward and I'm exhausted! She is no Shannie!
by Thereyouhaveit February 26, 2017
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An amazing girl,you will never forget the way she acts,the way she is,the way she looks,she will forever be stuck in your head with an amazing personality,she is one of the coolest people you will ever know and meet,if you get the chance to keep her then do it because you will never find a girl like her,she is loyal,kind,loving,brave,strong,and careful,she is everything you would want from a girl,your welcome shannie
"i wish everybody was amazing like shannie"
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