Being kidnapped by someone, usually sailors and/or pirates and forced to do sailor work through means of violence and intimidation.
"I'd like to file a police report, my friends were abducted by some sailors, they're being forced to do ship repairs and other stuff or else the sailors will kill 'em!"

"Sir, your friends have been 'shanghaied', we'll notify the Coast Guard."
by tahutoa May 17, 2015
When you discover that something you ordered off the internet turns out to be a cheap, made in China piece of crap. Also, when something you own, that was made in China breaks way too early.
Taylor: "Dude, I ordered this expensive set of chef's knives from this website. But when I got them, they were all flimsy and had cheap plastic handles."
Grant: "Oh man, you got Shanghaied."
by Roy D. Mercer August 6, 2008
a fucken spongebob squarepants episode. commonly known for patrick star's "leedle leedle leedle lee" cry.
Autist: wait what episode of spongebob does patricks "leedle leedle leedle lee" come in?
Autist 2: uhhh ripped pants?
Captain Obvious: retards its Shanghaied.
by Uncircumsized Penis March 27, 2019
The process of your life changing when your in Shanghai.
"Dude, I went to China, and I got Shanghaied."
by sabfran February 7, 2006
Term describing a type of kidnapping.Back in the 17th and 18th century in back alleys behind orphanages and bars there were trap doors that were watched and opened on drunken people or wandering children,then the children or drunks were beaten up until unconscious and brought aboard a ship to do slave labor out at sea until they died.
we need one more crew memeberlet's shanghai some drunk fuck.
by D.Sanchez April 25, 2005
to trick,mislead or confuse someone into something that they normally wouldn't do willing.
Oh, I am totally shanghaiing Mike into giving me a ride to McD's for lunch by reminding him how we never hang out anymore.
by ridetheyak July 12, 2009
to take, steal, borrow and not bring back
someone just shanghai-ed my bag of chips
by RP April 24, 2005