a Shanda has the most personality, she is funny, wild, bossy, and quick tempered. Make sure when you meet a Shanda your first impression is a good one because once a Shanda decides she doesn't like you she never will. a Shanda is not as outgoing but when she is made upset she is a firecracker. Shanda is a great friend and very kind.
Shanda didnt speak today, she must be upset about something

Shanda is so funny!
by CookieCake October 14, 2013
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A gorgeous, loving, caring girl that looks for good friends and is also a great friend who also has a wild side.
Do you see that girl over there?

Yea why?

Shes Shanda(:
by thecold24 May 26, 2011
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Beautiful, full of life, country, very proper, family person, sassy, not judgmental, mommy goals, very nice, lowkey special, someone you definitely need to have in your life. Shanda is the type to always have you back. The first to tell you when something isn't right. Shanda's are more than friends they are family!
Shanda is a great person.
by December 18, 2020
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Careful your dealing with a type 2 Madusa, because when you look into her memorizing brown eyes, you're heart is trapped instantly. When your within her spell, u don't have to worry, since this girl is extremely attractive.
Oh fuck, Phil did you experience a Shanda
by Bubbha 12 March 24, 2011
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An adorable blonde bombshell that will steal your heart away! Her enchanting, bright blue eyes will pull you in and her charming and witty personality will make you want to stay. She's truly unique and is a treasure to this world. She's very kind and friendly, however, she's also very guarded and untrusting. If you're one of the few people lucky enough to get close to her, cherish it because she's truly amazing.
I wish there were more people like Shanda in this world!
by canyounotplz June 6, 2018
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A nasty, open legged girl who has a reputation of screwing multiple men, including uncles and such.
You are such a Shanda Skanky.
by Get physical February 20, 2011
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A dirty Shanda is when a guy eats a girl out while on her period ...
Omg I just gave this girl a dirty Shanda
by Kyliemua April 2, 2020
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