when someone makes a really stupid mistake, normaly blondes (like me n terri)
shameless mistake terri
by Nik-e.T aka nikki.t January 28, 2005
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When somebody goes off topic to advance selfishly, such as advertising.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear Martha got pregnant?
Person 2: Awh, that's great news, anyways have you heard of my brand of almond milk?
Person 1: sheesh what a shameless plug.
by The7Guy April 13, 2021
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someone who doesn't give a shit! they will shit LOUDLY in a public restroom, without worrying about who might hear them! the shitting is accompanied by loud farting, grunting and plops.they often don't flush, either,so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
did you hear that shameless shitter in the restroom? omg! that was NASTY!!!!! i hope they at least flushed!
by da trick biatch March 02, 2006
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Overly friendly and somewhat gross woman that stopped giving a f*ck . She loves good vibes, good music and bad dancing. She prefers Jameson neat and often you will find her wearing something leopard because it's her favorite color.
If you ever find yourself on a date where your man sharts and leaves his underwear in an alley while wearing a maternity belly.... you might be Shameless grace.
by ShamelessGrace February 13, 2015
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A shameless flirt is someone who will flirt with anyone. They do not even necessarily need to be attracted to them. These types of people flirt constantly, it is their default setting. When they are flirting with you, you know it. There is no question about it. Don't feel too special though, shameless flirts do it because it is fun and comes naturally to them, not because they particularly like the person.
Jordan: That girl was flirting with me, I think she likes me.

Matt: Nah, she is such a shameless flirt. Don't feel too special.
by ashamelessflirt May 19, 2011
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a bold, adventurous, and audacious person whose startling abruptness, arouses the curiosity and interest of others.

Bold, brazen, cheeky, audacious, saucy, boisterous, illustrious
Shameless Hussy- What you would for 20 dollars, I do for free.

"Memes on the ready, it's so damn lusty, the People like damn! That's a Shameless Hussy."
by BunnyBoucher February 27, 2021
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