Same thing as Spam.

When somebody posts a single message on a message board advertising a product or website.
A shameless plug is the same thing as spam, dumbass.

Quit spamming and get a life.
by Drunky December 01, 2004
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Advertising a product because they have genuine interest in it rather than being some spambot or payed worker who doesn't actually give a shit.
Bob: Hey! This new program is great, I love it and you should download it.
Steve: spambot gtfo
Bob: I'm serious, I actually use it and it's not crap!
Steve: Holy shit, it wasn't crap! Thanks for the shameless advertising
by I'm Out Of Ideas March 29, 2010
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The girl who by the end of the night, needs to have something in her mouth. She is the classiest of slooters and she loves getting fratty anytime of the day or night.
"Laurie, you're such a Shameless Susie!"
"You say that like it's a bad thing....."
by bestfriendtime69 October 07, 2011
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A person who will do anything for attention.
Did you see Kendra up North showing her hairy ass to the entire crowd? What a shameless cunt!
by LittleRoman November 06, 2013
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its baseicaly like a week long skins party but with alot more booze and drugs and doing mades stuff like moving the living room out bck and playing guitar hero in the garden. also getting some hot chicks round
dude1 iam aving a shameless week u wanna go round round
dude 2 sure ill bring some booze and chicks
by Rozz-bomb March 12, 2008
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the dubious art of a fake headline that leads you to a Glow sale.
wow, Glow and their shameless clicking are hilarious
by lyzuhhh September 09, 2018
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When someone lacks an extreme amount of shame.

Also represented by the colour teal
Hana, you shameless ting!

He did such a shameless ting yesterday
by obiy February 11, 2018
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