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The new planking, chest out, arms out, butt out, look buff.
Shaloming around the ohio northern campus. anywhere any time
by Ohio Northern student March 17, 2012
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The act of throwing an empty bottle of wine at a wall and shouting Shalom.
"Last night got a bit out of hand, we all ended up shaloming our bottles of wine after we had finished them"
by hardgreaves October 20, 2013
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noun - Shalom
verb - Shalom, Shaloming, Shalomed,

When you can't stop talking to someone or an audience so much that you can never stay on point. Famous people especially RJs and VJs Shalom a lot on stage. Shaloming is a good idea to make friends. You get to know people. But worse when it comes to keeping friends. You can't start yapping shit, remember?

Shaloming is also when you keep adding people you don't even know through extensive stalking.
"How did the interview go?"
"I fucked it up. I was shaloming all over the place"

"What are you doing"
"Shaloming all the pretty chicks from colleges"
by madras messiah May 24, 2016
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