the term for two lesbians having sex, when it is inappropriate to say it outloud.

One may also use the term: Shake hands, when asking if two people previous were shaking hands.
"Were Lisa and Michelle shaking hands last night?"

"You know Tristian is always shaking hands."

"Did you already shake hands this morning?"
by jhawklez February 5, 2010
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When a guy sleeps with a girl that has a next man. Then walks her home to find her man waiting for her, the girl introduce them both reffering to the guy she just fucked as her friend and he shakes her boyfriends hand and acts normal.🤣
Everytime you see the guy who the girl has fucked you shout out or call him "shake hand" 🤣
by Fool Fool 3000 June 5, 2021
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When you go to CVS and make out with someone while old people watch in disgust at your excessive amount of PDA
"Dude, i went to CVS and saw that girl shaking hands with everyone!"
by Vanilla September 16, 2004
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verb; to masturbate.

Origins; as far as I know the term exists simply because the hand movement - with the help of a warped imagination - resembles shaking hands. The 'President' part comes about simply because, as many a male will tell you, the penis is the one making the decisions (for the man) in many female-male relationships.
1)Jeez, I wish I was at home shaking hands with the President right now.

2)Nah, I'm pretty bored. I think I might go and shake hands with the President.

3)Wow, there's photos in today's paper of your Dad shaking hands with the President!
by Ashy B & Jacques May 11, 2006
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