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In Hebrew language means 'Gift'. A present given to someone for love.
"Every year we got a Shai for the Holidays"
by Shai Dahan March 09, 2004
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Shai is a stubborn girl with a really wild personality and is really sarcastic. She's not shy, no.

She's funny, pretty and cute. She can be a bitch and a little crazy but those traits is what attracts people!
Friend: I'm Shai

Me: Aww, don't be shy!

Friend: No, my name is SHAI!! S-H-A-I! Shai!
by Anongurl June 22, 2011
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Shai is a female who has the body of a goddess and the brain of a genius. Men are drawn to her good looks and her awsome sense of humour. Shais are the shy but fun type. Out of all the females in the world its the Shais who rule. Shais are the shy but fun type.
You're just like shai
by dainty001 May 29, 2011
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A super goofy kid. A Shai usually goes to an art school and has an eclectic group of friends. A Shai is typically annoying, acts black in front of the public, and dresses preppy to the point where he looks extremely fruity. A Shai likes to touch and hug girls, totally disregarding the fact that they are totally creeped out. On some occasions, a Shai will even act high and squint his eyes. A Shai is only cool when you ignore him.
Me: Bro, help me out on this crossword puzzle?
Bro: Sure
Me: What's a 4-letter word for a person with an identity crisis?
Bro: Shai?
Me: Woah...Perfect...
by ( Y ) (. Y .) ( Y ) (. Y .) September 26, 2012
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The absolute most perfect girl in the world, and even her flaws are more beautiful than any other girl's perfections.
by frailties May 29, 2011
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used to describe a girl that looks like she may have been abducted from canada; possibly currently intoxicated
James: That girl looks really shai.
Charlie: Ya someone should call the police i think i saw her on a milk carton.
by yathatsfucknfunny September 21, 2011
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The word shai has multiple uses and is one of the most fun things to yell. The word originated in Upper Michigan and is used to describe somthing awesome or to yell at the most useless time. Can also be used with multiple i's and commenly said all the time.
Joel, Dylan, Bryan, Nathan, Tristan and Alex all enjoying yelling SHAI at hoodrats.
by J2110 April 17, 2008
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