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A guy who has three best friends. Danny, Johnny, and Jessica. He's a really cool person to hang around and can help you with most of your problems. He can always cheer you up and put a smile on your face when you thought it impossible.
Jessica: whoa Shahzaib I'm really in the dumps today, I need you to cheer me up.
Shahzaib: Just hang around me and you'll be ok.
by jeoidjti November 06, 2008
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Shahzaib... One of the strongest, most powerful and reckless person known to be. He is smart and intelligent, he gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He has all the ladies in his kingdom as sex slaves and does anything he want to them. He is popular enough for people out of his kingdom to know him. He is often kind but can get really angry over things like being immature, too much stupidity and small things as such. All the girls like him and wish to be with him. Shahzaib is fucking awesome
Person199: Ay, you heard of that Shahzaib person? I hear he gets anything he wants. All the girls are after him too
Person198: Yeah, I've heard of him. He really does sound like a bad ass
by James Peterson November 26, 2018
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Shahzaib is funny and cool to hang around he can sometimes be shy but has many friends and family that love him he has blonde hair and brown eyes he is super generous and loves a girl called minaal and minaal is very luck
Minaal is so lucky to have shahzaib
by Jhonny676 July 10, 2017
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Kinda awkward/anti social
Could also be used when describing a action.
C'mon man don't such a shahzaib.
That guy is being so shahaib like such a annoying kid.
by B0SSREKER January 12, 2016
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