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An indescribable act white people use to initiate others into their fold. Those who have experienced it find it extremely difficult to put into words. Once experienced you gain a greater sense of self and peace. The act is usually started when a white person yells "SHAGBROOKE!!" It is helpful to keep your dominant hand in your pocket while shagbrooking is occuring. Do not fight it as it will only make things worse. It will all be over soon enough and you'll be happy you were shagbrooked. Also make sure to have a towel nearby and ready to use.
Guy "Man, I got shagbrooke today!"
Guy 2 "Are you okay? What is Shagbrooking?"
Guy "Yeah, I feel so enlightened and empowered. I can take on anything now! You Will just have to experience it for yourself."
Guy 2 "Why are you all sticky? That's the weirdest smell..."
Guy "I forgot a towel."
by Hoesquad Commander December 20, 2016
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