To be royally fucked either by an unfortunate situation or fucked regardless of preparation. To be shafted is to be utterly screwed over to the point of comfort is needed either from an object or consumption of food or contraband.
Friend - “How do you think you did on that calculus test?”

Me - “I felt bad about it but when I turned it in I knew that I got shafted.”
by Trevasaures June 15, 2018
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Ripped off, cheated, treated most unfairly by people or even just by fate...

The story of Shark Island!
Shark Island were the biggest band in LA in the 80's, every band copied their style, their moves, everything. Axl Rose ripped off a lot of Richard Black's (Shark Island singer) moves and got famous with them. Yep, Shark Island got well and truly shafted!
by Dope Slanger August 24, 2006
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a)when someone is "jipped"
b)when someone is shutdown or brushed off
"Want to go out with me?"
"Ooh! Shafted!"
by Minister of Eriador October 30, 2004
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Person 1: “I sent 20k cc on the summon banner and didn’t get any LF.. not even a Sparking
Person 2: “dude.. you got shafted
by Concord925 May 31, 2021
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To get kicked, thrown or somehow dropped into an elevator shaft.
"Man you totally shafted that fool"
"Yeah I pushed him down the elevator"
by Sparty Junior February 12, 2009
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Being screwed over or thrown under a bus by one you once trusted. Left with a deep feeling of being wronged.
Hutchison Ports Australia shafted their workforce by sacking 97 staff at their Sydney and Brisbane terminals by email at midnight.
by Steven Dore August 11, 2015
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when you get cheated, stabbed, screwed over, or just have something shoved up your ass.

Person 1: that guy just screwd you over
Person 2: yah i know he shafted me that ass hole
by Adam West is BATMAN April 25, 2007
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