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A Scottish surname which English people NEARLY always spell wrong as 'Hutchinson'
'Good evening Mr. Hutchinson'
'It's Hutchison you daft cow!'
'I'm Sorry sir'
'Damn right! giving me one more chin than I own'
by Rev Boaby Balls July 27, 2015
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an all-girl's private school known for both its intellectuals and its notorious party girls. Until around 8th grade, Hutchison girls are to be respectful and dignified. After that magical time, all hell breaks loose.

Also known as slutchison.
Didja hear about those hutchison girls?
ya maan. but i didn't just HEAR them...
by slutchison student October 13, 2006
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Elitist all girls school located in Memphis, TN, don't think of applying unless you make $5 million+ a year. Girls are generally more well-rounded than their closest rival St. Mary's and are sent here to be formed into Memphis's next A-listers. Given everything they ever could want or even dream of, they know no consequences as daddy fixes every little legal problem they could possibly and do encounter (after 5am Raiford's late night, no doubt). Known for its superior lax team and notorious party girls.
See: Cruel Intentions

Hutchison girl: "How can someone so charming be so manipulative?"
by thatmemphisish May 24, 2011
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