The act of two people fornicating in a wild spontaneous fashion
I met this girl at the club and shaboinked her 6 times that night.
by Aldo Horsedink April 8, 2011
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The act of placing one's hand underneath a person's breast and thrusting it upward.
"Karina, give me my fucking phone before I tie you up and call Sage to shaboink you one-hundred times in a row!"
by Patino June 27, 2004
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Making love, screwing. The prefix "sha" added to "boinking."
"Hey, why don't women blink while shaboinking with men?" -- BLOOM COUNTY comic, July 24, 2016.
by al-in-chgo July 24, 2016
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slang for a man's penis; someone who is a complete dip shit
Jack, you are a big fuckin' shaboinker.
by Big Dick BH May 28, 2005
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What boobs do when chicks are runnin
Damn, look at that gurls boobs, their shaboink!
by Natedawg August 15, 2003
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"Damnn shawty over therr is lookin hella shaboinkable today. Holla at me!"

"Dat white gurl ova therr is so shaboinkable."
by whitegurrrl August 14, 2009
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