Shaba is a name for a female used in some Islamic countries like Maldives.

It refers to an Arabic word ( شابة,شبة ) that means "young" in feminine and also used to refer to a beautiful thing to tell something is much beautiful and vital.

The word was used by the ancient Arabs to name a male "Shab" and a female "Shaba,Shabba" specially in a tribe called "banou shabeeba" "بنو شبيبة" , while now used only in no-arabian Islamic countries as a female name.

Still used in Arabian countries to tell something is young, vital, and beautiful specially in the Western African Arabian countries.
Someone: Hello Shaba!
by ZSof January 1, 2015
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Usually followed by an exclamation mark. African exclamation with multiple meanings: Anger, War, Excitement, Self contentment, etc. (similar to the english 'BULLY!'). Most effective when exclaimed by an african religious leader running down a street.
by Shaba 13 May 8, 2011
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A person that smokes a lot of weed and plays xbox live while high as flerk.
"Dylan is being really shaba right now" "How?" "Well he keeps laughing a lot whenever I say Obama"
by Quarter Henry July 11, 2008
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I am Shaba tonight, so I should use protection.
by FOMF December 18, 2008
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meenz kool , bangin' ,wicked , slammin .
u seen dat biatch in da corna

yea she shaba
by tupac luva October 27, 2003
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it meenz kool or bangin or shibbay, dat sorta tang.
do u lyk da pic?

ye it shaba ma nizzle
by tupaclova October 27, 2003
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