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Rape inclination.

In a holy matrimony, there is no such thing as a sexual orientation. However, rapists have made up this term to legitimize rape.
Sally: So, this girl from class keeps calling me up and doesn't understand that I'm busy with schoolwork. I'm not sure what is up with her.
Lucy: Are you talking about Tila?
Sally: Yes, she's the one! I don't know what her problem is. She calls me up like every 20 minutes, asking me how I'm doing. I tell her I'm busy, and then she calls me up again 20 minutes after I hung up. Every time she calls, she forces conversation for 20 minutes too. It's been driving me nuts!
Lucy: Yeah, stay away from her. Yesterday, she told others in class that she has a different "sexual orientation" than the norm.
Sally: What is "sexual orientation"?
Lucy: *ahem*rape inclination*ahem*

Johnny: Well, Hello there! What do we have here!?
Tony: Leave me alone! I told you I have a girlfriend!!
Johnny: So, what!? Why don't you experiment with your sexual orientation!?!!
Tony: Only rapists do that! I got no rape inclination!! I'm calling the police!!!
by OffBeatDrummer November 22, 2020
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An individual's interest, either sexual or otherwise, in another individual. The most frequently used labels for orientations are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transexual or transgendered, asexual, pansexual, and omnisexual. Following is a description of each orientation and examples of each in the real world.

Heterosexual - Attracted to individuals of the opposite sex.

Homosexual - Attracted to individuals of the same sex.

Bisexual - Attracted to individuals of either sex.

Transexual - An individual born as one gender, but who believes that their identity is that of the opposite sex. 1/2 of transexuals retain their sexual orientation after surgery while 1/2 reverses their sexual orientation after surgery.

Asexual - An individual who is not physically attracted in other people.

Pansexual - An individual who is not interested in others for their physical attraction, but rather, for their identity.

Omnisexual - An individual who is not interested in physical attraction and only interested in sexual gratification.
Heterosexual: Straight individuals.

Homosexual: Gay and Lesbian individuals.

Bisexual: Bi individuals.

Transexual: Men who believe they are mentally women and women who believe they are mentally men. NOT necessarily transvestites, crossdressers, drag queens, or drag kings. Also referred to as Transgendered.

Asexual: People who are content to not engage in sex. Please note that individuals who have homosexual thoughts but are afraid to "be caught faking straight" may use this to diffuse suspicion.

Pansexual: Soul mates. For instance, individuals who fall in love with an individual who later becomes transgendered, but still retains the relationship. This is the ultimate in a long term relatioship free of sexual limitations, and ultimately choosing to be with an individual who mentally "completes" you.

Omnisexual: An individual interested only in orgasm. Straight men having anal sex or oral sex with other men (AKA on the down low) simply for the pleasure of it is an example. Please note that this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with physical attraction.
by Anthony J. Magnia July 15, 2005
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What you want to fuck.
My sexual orientation is heterosexual, i want to fuck the opposing gender
My sexual orientation is homosexual, i want to fuck the same gender

My sexual orientation is bisexual, i want to fuck two genders

My sexual orientation is asexual, i either don't want to fuck things, or rarely want to fuck things
My sexual orientation is pansexual, i want to fuck your emotions/personality
by ThisGuyHasThreeThumbs April 30, 2015
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Sexual Orientation is a term used to refer to a person's emotional, romantic and/or sexual attraction or non attraction” to a person, animal, place or thing
Chris' sexual orientation is pansexual by definition because Chris is attracted to transexual or intersexual people regardless of Chris' gender, however,"only you can truly know your sexuality becauseno-one can feel the things you feel except yourself" (cited under sexuality,by bi the way, United Kingdom Aug 11, 2006).
by diversity:queen or equal rights December 26, 2006
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Your sexual identity; sexual preference

Sexual orientations can be as simple as bisexual (attracted to both genders) or as complex as aego-demi-transquasi-pan-androgyno-graysexual. (Even I can't explain this one. I just now made it up.)
Normal person: What's your sexual orientation? I'm bisexual.
Tumblr User: I'm aego-gray-cupio-andro-apora-homosexual.
Normal Person: Oh, I was expecting some simple, like pansexual or asexual.
Tumblr User: *triggered*
by HPTrash November 16, 2017
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