relating to the act of copulating most commonly known as fucking or doing the deed.
The copulatory courtship consisted of flowers, expensive chocolate and three hoockers paid for the entire nights' stay.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2004
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A term used to describe males of all species. This is the explanation as to why every man is a womanizer. It clarifies why men are constantly on the move, cannot entirely commit and are consistently unfaithful. In the movie, Someone Like You, Ashley Judd’s character explains that men are habitually on the quest for "the new cow" so they can fulfill their "copulatory imperative."

Like a voracious lion seeking lunch in the Sahara, guys want to spread their seed eternally. This powerful force causes them to seek out a new and different woman after they've slept with a perfectly wonderful one. Thus, men are innately barbaric and rest assured they will never be fully domesticated.
Baby girl, what was Donald D. thinking? You're amazing. Why would leave you and sleep with that naaasty hoe?

Oh, because he just couldn’t overcome his copulatory imperative.
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