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Intersexuality occurs whenever a human being has both male and female physical characteristics. Contrary to myth, intersexuals do not have two sets of genitals; they often have ambiguous genital structures not readily identifiable as clitoris/penis or labia/scrotum, but this is not necessarily true, and intersex people have sometimes gone for long periods of their lives without knowing that they were intersex. They may have gonads of mixed ovarian tissue, testicular and ovarian. They may have unusual chromosomes, for example a mosaic of XX and XY cells throughout the body.
A: Hey, I been meaning to ask you this: Are you a man or a woman?
B: No, I'm not.
A: Huh?
B: I'm intersexual, not a man or a woman.
A: You mean, like a chick with a dick?
B: That's a nice idea, but no.
A: So what have you got?
B: If it's ever your business to know, I'll let you know.
A: Hey, c'mon, I'm serious.
B: So am I.
by 7Kim January 20, 2009
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The now "appropriate" word for a hermaphrodite(a person born with both a penis and a vagina), after the old word became offencive.
A word that mallcore teeny boppers don't understand and makes for a very entertaining time to mess with them about it until they eventually give up and look it up.
Me: You're such a poser.
Poser: l0l no UR a POSER u POSER hermafatitde!!!22
Me: First off, I'll say that I actually idon't/i have a penis, that it's very ignorant of you to use that word as an insult, and a crappy one at that. Second off, the correct term is "Intersexual."
Poser: lol u m33n BISEXUL sT00piD!
Me: No, it's Intersexual.
Poser: l000000l das Not a WUURD LOLOLOLOLOLO!!!1!one!eleventy
by Urban Dictionary May 10, 2006
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An intersexual is a person born with extra chromosomes, that has characteristics of both male an female,such as wide hips,small waist,very soft skin, female features, but has the genitals of a male,facial an body hair of a man or it can be the opposite ...
I have Klinfelers Syndrome, an the doctors told me that sometimes can cause a person to be an intersexual..
by intersexual November 07, 2015
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Because nowadays we have to respect any sexual gender and sexual identity from A TO Z..
Guy: you know just last week they announced a new sexual identity it's you know what I stands for ..

Guys friends: no?!

Guy: I stands for intersexual

Guys friends: what?!

Guy: intersex is when you buy a sofa
...yada yada yada...thats INTERSEXUAL.
by WATSZITOYA June 10, 2018
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