Sexting is the art of sending sexual texts to others, and them sending back. You would text about the sexual things you would want to do with them. It is an art that many people enjoy because it arouses them. Normally you would only do it with someone you are very comfortable with and/or with someone that you like, but you can do it with strangers if you really wanted to. Sometimes pictures are included if both are very aroused or if both people are very comfortable with each other.
Adrienne: man Zack I love sexting you
Zack: same, it is so sexy and it gets me very aroused
by Nathan00 August 03, 2015
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Sexting is not what all these other definitions say. Sexting is just simply when your cellphone is in your lap and its starts vibrating. It is definitely not people texting each other trying to get up with them later and having "sexual apparitions"
Devin:yo,i think i'm sexting again.
SusieQ:you think you are? i know you are
Devin:yeah you are right
by bridget&devinaresexybeast July 24, 2009
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Sending a text message to your buddies while having sex with your girl.
I was hitting my girl doggy style and while she wasn't looking I started sexting.
by J Morow January 18, 2009
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A word named by teachers n government official for teens who send dirty pics n messages 2 1 another. Quite frankly I kno NO teenagers who use this word 4 wat they do... The only reson anybody BUT teens kno about "sexting" is bcuz some kids were txtin in some skool, got there phones taken, n the teacher felt the need to invade their privacy n inform every1 n their mom about wat they were txtin. Maybe tha fuckin teacher shuld get locked the hell up huh?
Teacher:mike r u sexting?

Mike:ummmm....hey. Suck mines bitch I'm textin my girl!

Teacher:give me your phone Michael

Mike: here(what a fuckin whore)
Later that day....

Teacher: let's c wat mike n his "girl" were texting since I clearly have nothin better 2 do has a teacher.

After reading ALL the messages....

Techer:oh my gosh!!! I have 2 tell everybody!!!!
by jamzel May 01, 2009
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textin someone and talkin about sex and other kinky things.
She was sexting me all night, talking 'bout she want this dick.
by yoooooMo! May 29, 2011
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A term used when two people engage in text flirting. It involves two people using text messaging to send erotic detailed wording that describes what they to do to the significant other. It also includes the people sending explicit photos to one another.
Boy 1 : me and ____ were sexting last night.

Boy 2 : really? What did she send you?

Boy 1 : Very hot pictures mate
by SRB98 June 08, 2015
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