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to be succussful at sexual intercourse
guy #1: So, did u get with April last night?
guy #2: It took me all night, but ya, i was finally sexessful.
by BBlin December 16, 2009
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mash-up of the words sexy & successful

definition #1
one is sexessful if they are a double threat of sexy and successful.

definition #2 (verb)
the act of conquering a romantic endeavor. or being successful in intimacy/sex/romance.
Definition #1 Examples
Girl- no one compares to your sexessfulness. Your sex appeal is off the charts and you have a really successful career. That makes you an independant woman and that is the definition of sexess!

Angelina Jolie is effortlessly sexessful.

Definition #2 Examples

Bro- were you sexessful last night? did you score?

Was last night a sexess?

by canegirl March 22, 2009
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